Forum Thread: The Flesh Must Adapt to the Metal, Not the Other Way Around (Playing Brass Instruments and Switching Equipment)

The flesh must adapt to the metal, not the opposite.
It's one of the most valuable lessons I learnt from Larry Meregillano.

The point of this vid is to demonstrate that changing mouthpieces with different sizes and even different instruments (the trombone is a cylindrical bore, while the cornet is a conical bore, not to mention the difference in the bore size). The mouthpiece I play on the trombone is Wedge 7C, which has a double curved rim, while the GR#66 has a standart rim.

So, if you have done your homework, switching mouthpieces and instruments won't be that much of a problem.

Trumpeters, bear with me while I slide the bone....cornet is coming at second chorus and it is rather noodling, than playing the head.

#trumpet #trombone #brassplaying #embouchure

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