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Forum Thread: Learn how to draw ABC - Drawing and coloring for kids

Learn how to draw ABC the fun way! Hi guys, it's Nik. Today I will show you how to draw 3D ABC letters and I've also added in a special visitor! Meet Moshee, she loves to have fun. Stay tuned for more videos, with more special guests! It's great learning for kids and even more fun for adults to watch. Enjoy, and please show your support and subscribe to the Swazzle Kids Art Channel. Keep posted with the new videos, and check out new surprises along the way!

Forum Thread: What do YOU think?

" of the problems.. is that it has become so reliant in a standarized test model ... subjects like history and social studies have been cut out and pushed aside, arts and music time are no longer there, which means child is not having a well rounded education" 

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