News: Art is A Language

Art is A Language

As I sit in the office surrounded by creators and great imaginative minds I wonder what can I do to make my project an exciting activity and at the same time how to help the Theater I currently intern at. Well it has occurred to me that I am able to do the thing  I love the most: Art. I cannot just sit somewhere and do tons of paperwork because that would be horrid and there is no way I could survive one entire year doing it, but I am good at running activities and events, I am good at teaching, I am good at giving feedback and encouraging people to reach their best, so, what could I possibly do?...... Run Saturday programs for teens that have a talent and are not using it to grow. Many parents think the arts are a waste of time, everybody wants their children to be doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers and those are amazing careers, but to be an artist is also. Art is a repressed language that many have not yet learned to listen or to understand and those who have, its their job to spread it and to maintain it alive. I want youth to know that it is possible to be successful artist, and by successful I do not mean rich and famous, but there is a satisfaction when you get to the end of the play and people clap, or when a painting of yours has been sold and appreciated, when your dancing makes someone happy, when your voice is being heard, and there is a joy in every accomplishment. I as an artist want to spread that to the youth community of Los Angeles. 

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