News: Art is A Language

As I sit in the office surrounded by creators and great imaginative minds I wonder what can I do to make my project an exciting activity and at the same time how to help the Theater I currently intern at. Well it has occurred to me that I am able to do the thing I love the most: Art. I cannot just sit somewhere and do tons of paperwork because that would be horrid and there is no way I could survive one entire year doing it, but I am good at running activities and events, I am good at teachin...

News: The Los Angeles Theatre Summer Conservatory

The Latino Theater Company’s Youth Summer Conservatory at the Los Angeles Theatre Center has been developed under the leadership of Artistic Director and UCLA professor, Jose Luis Valenzuela, to create an opportunity for high school students from under-served communities to experience and train in a conservatory setting. Now in its fifth year, this 5-week, intensive program integrates acting classes with rigorous physical training, voice and speech, movement, dance, writing, and improvisation...

News: "If All The Sky Were Paper"

"If all the sky were paper, and the seas of the world an inkwell, I could not describe my suffering to you." by a 14 year-old Polish boy during World War II. Also in the play "If All the Sky were Paper" based on Carroll’s bestselling books.

News: Inside Out Writers

This Program was designed for youth in Los Angeles County juvenile detention facilities. They provide them wit activities that help avoid violence and gives them a way to express themselves creatively. They help them open a new window.

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