News: Saturday Explorer Series 2012

Saturday Explorer Series 2012

24th Street Theatre Saturday Explorer Series 2012

Saturday Explorer Series 2012

Exploring Music, Theatre and Dance from around the world… right here in our own neighborhood!
Explorando música, arte y baile mundial aquí en nuestra comunidad!

April 21st at 1 PM
Sylvia St. James – Pathways to Praise…Rejoicing Voices
Vibrant Gospel Music guaranteed to get you on your feet!

May 5th at 1 PM
Sheetal Gandhi -  Bahu-Beti-Biwi
Powerfully rhythmic dance-theater solo that wraps North Indian music traditions and family characters into a contemporary exploration that glides between humorous portraiture and active resistance

North University Park Residents:

Llame al 213-745-6516 o mande un email a por sus boletos de .24 centavos exclusivo para vecinos.

Call 213.745.6516 or to purchase $5 tickets.

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