News: Arts in Education- Fostering Achievement

Arts in Education- Fostering Achievement

I would like to quote a paragraph from The Power of Art by Susan Anderson, Nancy Walch, and Kate Becker. You will find the link to the  PDF online booklet for more information at the bottom. 

So here it goes.

"Poor school performance, alienation from school, truancy and dropping out key are indicators of risk in young people. Studies show that a disassociation from school is one of the first steps toward additional risks and dangerous behavior. When the arts are integrated into school's curriculum, and are taught well, particularly through sustained interaction between pupils and professional artists, studies reveal that students develop an attachment to school and regular attendance. The arts as a core part of instruction are also shown to improve academic achievement and test scores while contributing to improved work and life skills demonstrated by youth. The arts can enhance the climate on a school campus an in the classroom, and contribute to creative energy is students that carries beyond school hours. Importantly, research shows that these results are even more dramatic for low-income students than for high-income students." 

  -The Power of Art  pg.71 

Here is the link

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