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By searching online, in magazines and books you will find many woodwork project ideas that may help you in deciding what you are interested in making.

Some of the ideas you will find are simple and some are complex but there are many for you to choose from. Yard art is listed as one of the top woodwork project ideas that is made in the summertime.

With this type of woodwork project ideas, you have a wide variety of things to choose from including, birdhouses, deer standing in your yard, squirrel feeders, lawn furniture, gazebo, bridges and even wood people.

Woodwork Project Ideas

All of these items can be make out of wood and can be stained, painted or even left the original color of the wood, it is your choice.

The reason these woodwork project ideas with mini drilling press are so popular in the summertime is that more people spend time outside during this time of the year and they want nice things to decorate their yards during this time.

Later on in the fall it is time to get geared up for Christmas decorating time and woodwork project ideas are plentiful as well for this time of year.

Deer is a popular item since it is something that you can have in your yard most of the time and then with Christmas coming you can place a wreath or a bow around the neck of the deer to make it into a Christmas decoration.


Something that can be seen almost any time of the year is wood furniture. This type of woodwork project ideas are more popular with people that like to see the country look throughout their home.

You may choose to make a tv stand, end tables and coffee table or even a hall table for your living room. If you are an experienced craftsman you may decide to make a dresser, wardrobe or a bed for your bedroom.

These woodwork project ideas would be a great way for you to save money on your house furniture while making the items that you want for your home that way you will know what they are made of and know that they will last probably a lot longer than what you will buy from a store.

Last Words

Picture frames, kitchen tables and hutches top the list of the most woodwork project ideas that people come up with to make and create with their own two hands, just the way they want them.

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