Forum Thread: How to Find an International Qualified Professional


If you're a company, and you've made up your mind about hiring qualified professionals from abroad, then you need to read this how-to guide so that you can have a better idea of the important steps that should be covered throughout the entire process.

Make Sure You Analyze and Prepare.

The first thing you should do is create an accurate job description about the position that you'd like to fill. Once you have a clear idea of what you are looking for, you can start searching for applicants abroad. It can be a bit costly and time-consuming, but it will most likely be worth the time and effort as you will have access to much broader database of qualified professionals to choose from.

Choosing the Countries.

Now that you know what your position requires, it's time to narrow down the countries from which you should recruit. One way of helping you narrow things down a bit would be to think of any possible contacts in the countries you are considering working with. A very important step in the process that should not be overlooked would be to do all of the research on what requirements are needed to obtain a work visa or permit to stay and work in your country. It varies by country, so make sure you are clear on the process before you start recruiting.

Time to Recruit!

You've done your homework, and now you're ready to post your job opening. The first thing you need to do is write it down and include all relevant information pertaining to that country and prospect. The more informed you come across, the easier it will be for new recruits to respond to your postings. If you're not sure where to post your jobs, you can use job fairs and government job boards to post your openings, you can even ask other companies where they might be finding their international talent.

The Integration Process.

After finding the right person, you will need to make sure you are integrating them both professionally and personally. This will make your new employee feel much more at ease since they will be away from home and all things familiar. Make sure you've covered all avenues such as helping them find a place to live, getting all of the required tax information, bank details for payment of their salary, and making sure they have the necessary insurance.

Monitoring your New Employee.

Your employee is all settled in now and is starting to fit right in, but as their employer, it's important that you monitor their personal and professional integration progress. Make an integration plan and set up regular meetings with them to make sure they are adapting to their new location, position, and surroundings well. This also gives you, the "host" employer, an opportunity to iron out any possible issues your international professional may be experiencing.

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